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China’s going to be in the headlines all year with http://www.ashinekit.com/Designer-iPhone-4-Cases-ashinekit1-11.html global media attention focusing on the world’s leading internet-connected nation; now Apple’s opened its first store-in-store with Best Buy in Shanghai while local reports confirm two own-brand Apple stores are set to open in Beijing.

Updated laptop updater

We think this is happening too much recently. Apple has moved fast to ship an updated version of the MacBook Pro firmware update it shipped earlier this month. MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.5.1 "fixes several issues to improve the stability of MacBook Pro computers," Apple explains. Links to the previous iteration of the software no longer work – and reports claimed the previous build caused blank displays.

IM for iPhone

As we all know, the problem with the iPhone SDK is it doesn’<a href="http://www.ashinekit.com/Designer-iPhone-4-Cases-ashinekit1-11.html">best iPhone 4 cases</a>
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<a href="http://www.ashinekit.com/Designer-iPhone-4-Cases-ashinekit1-11.html">best iPhone 4 case</a>t allow developers to have their apps running as a background application, which will cause some headaches for those cooking up Instant Messaging (IM) applications. Last night it emerged Apple holds a patent for an IM client for the iPhone. End of story.

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iPhone 5 Cases

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As promised, Apple has opened up a new portal at me.com/move for developers that the MobileMe service to migrate their entire account over to iCloud. The process is quite simple as you can see in the screenshots above and below. Apple lets you take your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar information over to iCloud and also tells users that they can continue using iWeb, iDisk, and Photo Gallery up until June 30, 2012. Apple also tells users that the following will no longer be available: Dashboard widget sync, dock item sync, keychains, signatures, mail account rules, mail smart boxes, and mail preferences. Screenshots of the entire setup process are after the break.

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Apple Store confidential: Full Apple Store layout plans – 100 pa

Hello Kitty
What would you like to choose for your http://www.ashinekit.com

Do you want a http://www.ashinekit.com/Designer-iPhone-4-Cases-ashinekit1-11.html ?

Though there is nothing particularly new in these docs, we’ve been handed the full Apple Store layout documentation (100 page PDF) as of last month. It is interesting to see the attention to detail Apple puts into its Store layout and design.

The 100 page document goes into significant detail on every aspect of how stores are set up. Perhaps that’s why there is such consistency between stores.

Also what http://www.ashinekit.com/iPad-2-Cases-Covers-ashinekit1-96.html do you like.


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